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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Silvia Stagg AnonMessages - March 25-2012

Anonymous - Message To Obama

To the President of The United States Of America. We are ANONYMOUS. We would like to ask you, Are you happy with what you have allowed the United ...
by xen0nymous  3 months ago  903,169 views

Anonymous - #OpBlackMarch Begin

Hello People of the World, We are Anonymous. Operation Black March has Begun! Join the protest! If you do not know of Operation Black March, I ...
by xen0nymous  3 weeks ago  4,770 views

Anonymous - NDAA Bill Signed

AMERICAN FREEDOM ALERT - CODE RED. The Government has committed TREASON against you! Will you sit and watch while your freedoms are taken away? Or ...
by anonymous04210  2 months ago  160,082 views

Anonymous - Our Warning to Vic Toews & the Parliament of Canada

*Vic Toews - vic.toews.c1@parl.gc.ca - (613) 992-3128* Read the deleted Vikileaks tweets here: twitter.com Contact information for every MP who ...
by OperationVicTory  1 month ago  77,112 views

ANONYMOUS Revolution 2012 New Message What we are capable of!

Visit and follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Blog for the latest Anon News. cafunonymous.blogspot.com @cafunonymous cafunonymous.blogspot.com Thanks ...
by CafuNonymous  2 weeks ago  20,822 views

Anonymous- Message to SONY on SOPA.

This video was not created by mrnewworldorder2012 but was re-posted by this channel. It has come to the attention of the Anonymous activist ...
by MrNewworldorder2012  2 months ago  33,150 views


UPDATE!!! What do Lieberman, Obama, McCain, and Bush have in common? According to this leaked court case...THEY'RE ALL MURDERERS!!!!!! SPREAD THIS ...
by TheAnonMessage  3 months ago  102,958 views

Anonymous - Don't Mess With Us

A New Era Has Come, Anonymous is no longer playing nice, and we do not intend to ever play nice. We have seen you Corrupt our People, Corrupt our ...
by bioniKAnon  2 months ago  1,032,988 views

ANONYMOUS Promises to SHUT DOWN The INTERNET - Problem, Reaction, Solution (Alex Jones, Kurt Nimmo)

ANONYMOUS Promises to SHUT DOWN The INTERNET - Problem, Reaction, Solution (Alex Jones, Infowars, Kurt Nimmo) They're back. The FBI's Lulzsec ...
by 829speedy  2 days ago  936 views

Anonymous Occupy The Planet

Message From Anonymous. Mirror:www.youtube.com TheAnonPress Facebook: www.facebook.com GlobalRevolution Facebook: www.facebook.com Live Stream ...
by TheAnonPress  6 months ago  473,042 views

Anonymous: Revealing The Arcane Legal Trick Behind ACTA

DOWNLOAD AND RE-UPLOAD THIS CLIP IN CASE IT GETS TAKEN DOWN!! Transcript follows. Greetings, world. We are Anonymous. We are here to reveal to you ...
by AnonOpsActa  1 month ago  118,054 views

Anonymous - Occupy Wall Street

September 17, 2011 #occupywallstreet Visit: occupywallst.org www.anonops.blogspot.com Bring a tent!
by xen0nymous  6 months ago  386,993 views

ANONYMOUS Intercept FBI & Scotland Yard Conference Call #FFF

ANONYMOUS Intercept FBI & Scotland Yard Conference Call #FFF Hacking network Anonymoushas released a recording of a conference call between the ...
by 829speedy  1 month ago  64,008 views

What Is Anonymous?

Every now and again, the Internet gets all flustered about the latest hack attack by the mysterious group known as Anonymous. The media reports it ...
by mashable  3 months ago  7,826 views

Anonymous - Message of Solidarity

www.freeanons.org Flyer img35.imageshack.us thx²dec16anon www.youtube.com Dear People of the World, You may know that some of our brothers and ...
by xen0nymous  2 months ago  25,513 views

CNN Inside Anonymous

CNN reporter Amber Lyon (twitter: @AmberLyon) takes an inside look at the hactivist group "Anonymous". Original air date: Jan 14, 2012 ...
by LegionIsUnity  2 months ago  94,629 views

Anonymous: A Statement on ACTA

"The impending threat of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement and the implications on our freedom and access to information and resources has ...
by TheAnonMessage  1 month ago  64,985 views

RE: KONY 2012

of peace. We are Anonymous, We are Legion, We do not forgive, We do not forget, Expect Us. ...Anonymous Advocate ... Kony 2012 "anonymous ...
by AnonymousAdvocate  2 weeks ago  226,579 views

Anonymous: The Police State

WE ARE THE RESISTANCE! The corrupt fear us. The honest support us. The heroic join us. WE AREANONYMOUS! Check the link below for well-informed ...
by AnonymousStreetPeace  2 weeks ago  10,026 views

A message from Anonymous to the 99%

The Tipping point has ARRIVED.
by concen  5 months ago  108,971 views

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